However, there are a few things you can do to help your guy friend remain silent: When it comes to communication, men are usually better at looking than listening. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. In person, we tend to look for things to talk about rather than listen to them. Well, its not just you whos feeling anxious. Before you confront him about his distant behavior, ask him how he is doing and if anything is going on that he would like to talk about. Body language plays a key role in our daily lives. It might be that you hang around with people that he doesnt like, you have an outgoing personality that hes uncomfortable with or that he doesnt think that youll respect his views. So Ive been trying my best to back off a little, while still showing interest. Or perhaps talking to a guy friend of yours more than usual? Does he get upset when you talk about other people? In fact, many people cherish their relationships more when they carve out alone time for themselves. And thats really important! They can be so loving towards us today but yet he just wants to be alone the next day. Let him know that you are there for him and encourage him to get the treatment that he needs if he is in fact dealing with depression. Because thats how guys are. Thats right! When trying to get to the bottom of why he is acting distant all of a sudden, avoid mothering him and smothering him. Again, the simple truth is that guys go quiet when they like you. But the truth is that most of the time, these guys just want your money. His mom had just thrown her towel onto the bed whilst she pulled on a pair of his dad's boxers, and he got a full view of her somewhat impressive member. Here are some signs that the fire has gone out in your relationship. And what if it never comes? But sometimes they feel like theyre not good enough for someone as beautiful as you. Unfortunately, most men dont know how to handle this type of problem. Cookie Notice One possibility is that he is afraid of committing to the relationship. To keep a man, try to understand hisneeds and wants. Does he seem to prefer the company of his friends over you these days? ", "Do you think I want to wear your dirty jeans?" It does not necessarily mean that he does not care about you, but he might feel like you are spreading him out too thin. Resources for Small Business Entrepreneurs in 2022. The reason behind these doubts can be just about anything. It just means hes waiting for the right time, and thats why hes being silent. Yup, think this happened to a guy I dated before. Its important to remember that not everyone is capable of expressing their feelings in the same way that you are. It begins with a feeling of uncertainty. Does he have a hard time concentrating? If he acts paranoid that you are watching him, then this could make cheating a possibility. If hes decided hes no longer interested, that really sucks but Ill get over it. Infographic: What is the Ultimate Commitment. This post will try to help you figure out why a guy might be quiet around you and to make sense of it as it happens in the future. If he tends to be quiet when a particular person enters then it would make it more likely that he doesnt like them. We live about 2 hours away from each other but weve seen each other every weekend since we met and text/FaceTime every day were not together. And as hard as it may be, try to give him time to figure things out as well. After all, theyre the ones who are supposed to be the manly ones! And if you want him to reciprocate your feelings, then make sure that he knows exactly how you feel about him. It could be the case that hes not actually being quiet around you rather he doesnt see you as a friend nor does he intend to become romantically involved with you. Are you less intimate than you used to be? In person, we tend to look for things to talk about rather than listen to them. Possible causes of a guy being quiet around you are that he finds you attractive and he is nervous, he doesnt like you, he is naturally quiet, or he might not like the people you hang out with. Nato is a writer and a researcher with an academic background in psychology. Heres the best solution: download our app for new articles, Facebook videos and YouTube videos that are updated dailyand most importantly, exclusive contents that are only available in our app! Is this something you can patch up or does this mean that your relationship might end soon? And make sure that he knows what it is that makes him special to you. "NothingI had to borrow something to go with your pantiesI meanmy pants don't fit anymore. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Youre not going out with your friends again tonight, are you? And so on. That most likely explains the other side of the supposed shy guy when he is not pie eyed. If he is acting distant, he might not feel like he can be himself with you without being criticized. The Plague God Many years ago, an old wanderer was sitting under a tree, taking a rest. The hardest part is getting a guy to face his fears and confront the things hes afraid of. - Hans F Hansen. Its the biggest reason why guys dont want to talk about their feelings with you. To sum it all up, guys might be quiet for a while when theyre shy, but they dont need to be. Its natural to be attracted to someone we like, and it can be hard not to speak up when we feel like we have something to say. If a guy likes you, hell feel the need to talk about it with his friends but surprisingly, sometimes he doesnt want to talk about it with you! "At least you could suggest something clean.". He looked annoyed. And thats okay! Its important, to be honest with him about how you feel, even if it means telling him that you dont like something. He might not even have a history of depression. She said, tossing them in the hamper. when guys dont share their feelings with their partners, When a guy says you have good vibes What it means and what to do, I dont love my boyfriend anymore: 11 things you can do. For example: I was thinking youre quiet today. "You're right. Ive been getting one word texts from him, hes taking way longer than usual to reply, left on read, and a generally dry tone overall. The problem is that guys feel like theyre supposed to be strong and confident, so they try to keep everything bottled up inside. Is he always glued to his phone because of work or family matters? And if it is the reason, then you can work together to figure out how he can feel that you are not judging him all the time. By The Guest "That explains why these things have been riding up all day," Jon said. Has certain things about him changed drastically such as his style or what he likes to do in bed? Always bored during your commute to and fro work or school? "I'd better go find something that fits." Jon said. Either way, if he thinks that your relationship is moving way too fast, then you both need to sit down and talk it out. Giving yourselves some time apart, even if it is for a day, can give the two of you a chance to miss each other. Try to be supportive and remind him that you are there for him if he needs someone to talk to. If you have recently noticed that a guy tends to be quiet around you then youre probably wondering why and what it might mean. The cause for his doubts can range from having feelings for someone else to not feeling satisfied in bed. He could feel like you two are in the honeymoon stages and he does not want to move onto the next stage or chapter of things because things are going so well. Please consider donating to keep the site running. Try finding a TV show that you can watch alone. ", Log in or create an account to add episodes. But if youre in a relationship with someone who cares about you and wants to commit to you, then you can trust that he cares about you. So he just sits there and looks at the girl he finds attractive. But it is driving me insane. Does he have friends who do not like you all that much? It happens to everyone! If he does not know who he is without you, then he might be feeling a little lost, especially when you are not together. Another aspect you are wondering is what this means for your relationship. What if he never commits? When taken too far, those actions, while well-intentioned, can come off as judgmental and controlling. Type above and press Enter to search. Want to know one sure thing about romantic relationships? Together, you can try to make it work. Guys go quiet when they like you. They dont always like to talk about their feelings with other people. These are all signs that he might want to break up with you. But if youre a girl who likes guys, you know that theres nothing worse than a guy who doesnt trust his own feelings. When he talks about himself and his feelings, he will often talk about himself and his feelings. And you know what? But Ive been told that would come off as needy or clingy, and I dont want to push him further away. You can try letting him come to you instead of always clinging on to him at every chance you get. But once he does that, then hell be able to stop blaming himself for his bad moods and start taking control of his life. The above link will give you $50 off your first session - an exclusive offer for Love Connection readers. Then, when you are ready, try to talk to him about what has been going on so you can either find a solution or move on. Does he stay holed up at home? While he may or may not be honest, at least you will know that you tried to communicate your concerns to him. If you notice that he doesnt talk much when he is with other girls then it wouldnt suggest much if he doesnt talk around you. If he doesnt want to talk about it, leave him alone and try again over the next couple of days. Perhaps a piece of clothing that is not yours? Just tell him the truth about how you feel. Just try to communicate with him that you have concerns about his recent change in behavior. If he is cheating on you, then that is a definite sign that he is not ready to commit to your relationship. Get Love Tips Sent Straight To Your Inbox. Im really interested in this guy and I know Im not crazy for thinking hes really into me too because weve talked about it multiple times. By doing so you will be able to get a better idea of the motivations behind why he does it. What about your boundaries? But you should understand that he just doesnt know what to say and how to grab your attention. He felt a slight tingle in his crotch, causing him to spin away quickly. Jon found himself back in his parents room trying to find the least feminine items in his mothers wardrobe. Care to share? If so, then they might be trying to talk sense into your guy. Privacy Policy. Why do you have so many skirts, Mom? He muttered to himself as he pushed aside another knee length item before finding a pair of jeans and slipped into them. "Iguess I'd better get started on dinner," he said, hurrying out of the room. We dont know what to say, so we try to avoid eye contact while we think of something to say. When you take the time to understand their emotions and listen to them, you will make it easy for them to express their feelings. But theres only one problem: youre not sure if he feels the same way about you! If that is the case then the reason that he gets quiet could be that he is trying to force himself to ask you out in his head but hes too nervous to do so. And even if you think that its a bit of strange advice, actually, its not. Each of the different reasons why a guy might be quiet around you will likely come with a number of different clues in his body language. But before you jump to conclusions, talk with him first to make sure that you are on the same page. But guess what? It would be necessary for you to consider the body language signals that he shows when hes around you. If you have any suspicion of cheating, then the only way you can really know the truth is by asking. Has he been picking fights with you? If you notice that he generally talks freely around other girls then it would suggest that he doesnt talk around you due to attraction, discomfort, being nervous to make a move or that he doesnt like your friends. He might even begin to act differently. You seem a little distant today. Or, Hey! So, what does it mean if a guy is quiet around you? If you want specific advice on your situation, it can be very helpful to speak to a relationship coach. Do you talk to him or do you leave him alone? And thats why most guys dont feel comfortable talking about their feelingsbecause they arent sure how to start the conversation! But how do you know that he is afraid of commitment? Or, Hey, are you okay? Do you want affection and attention from him all the time? Whereas if he tends to be quiet with you from the start then its either in his nature or it could be one of the other reasons mentioned above. If it tends to be when in a certain class then it might be that he doesnt like some of his classmates. What does it mean if a guy is nervous around you? If he tends to be quiet when his parents are around then it could be the case that he doesnt want to get punished for saying something that they dont like. So, if you encounter similar situations, do not panic and start to bug him with the questions on your mind like Are you having another woman outside? or I dont think you love me enough because you are not willing to share with me. Because they think that by giving good advice, theyre helping other people and making themselves look great. So the best thing to do is just talk. Receive small business resources and advice about entrepreneurial info, home based business, business franchises and startup opportunities for entrepreneurs. If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then they may have voiced their concerns about the relationship to him. "Don't you have a pair of shorts or something I can borrow until tomorrow?". Do they dislike your personality or have an issue with something from your past? Men are actually quite simple compared to women: its either their work or monetary issues that are bothering them. If any of the above sounds like your relationship, then it might explain why he has been acting distant. Surprisingly enough, guys often feel like they cant control how things turn out. Its your perfect companion for your daily commute. When he knows the truth, hes more likely to know how to communicate his feelings in a way that will make you happy. This is most apparent in the way that men typically communicate. The honeymoon phase in a relationship is great and full of passion and bliss, but what happens when the fire has gone out? But how do you know if theyre really interested? Nevertheless, he greeted the god and asked him what he was doing in this area, why he was here. I hope that my website can help condense the wide amount of body language information available and allow you to make full use of it in your daily life. He has great expectations with you so he doesn't know what to do to impress you and doesn't want to do anything stupid to mess it up. If he is afraid of commitment, then that could easily explain his distant behavior. Guys like to give advice, and it can be helpful to ask for their opinion on something before you try and figure out the answer yourself. But it doesnt have to be so hard. He might be facing a crisis at work but didnt want you to get worried, so hes trying to think about how to resolve it. This means that he might say hi to you but he probably wouldnt choose to sit near you and his body language would probably appear to be neutral towards you. Be his mental support and encourage him necessarily that tomorrow will be a better day. If he is acting distant, then you might have wondered if he wants to break up with you. It is also possible that he is very happy with the relationship as it is and he is afraid that big changes might put too much stress on the relationship. Before you jump to conclusions, think about if there are any signs of him cheating first. What about showing off? Does he seem disinterested in you and what you have to say? This is a big red flag that makes it very probable that he could be cheating. "People inspire you, or they drain you - pick them wisely .". However, this is one of many possibilities that could explain his change in behavior. What do you do when you first start to like someone? 3. Just because he is distant, it does not necessarily mean that he is cheating on you. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. After all, a guy wants to be able to protect his women and make sure that nothing bad happens to them. You dont need to be funny or clever just talk about random things! When trying to figure out what a guys body language might be suggesting it would be helpful to consider what his normal behavior looks like. "What are you doing?" Have his friends and family members been treating you differently and not in a good way? Does he sleep too much or too little? Dont go around asking your girl friends for solutions because they are not him and dont know what the problem is. If you havent heard of Relationship Hero before, its a site where highly trained relationship coaches help people through complicated and difficult love situations. Has he been incredibly busy lately? Because when you first like someone, it can be hard to work out what to say. It can also help if you have your own life that is separate from him. That type of thing can keep him busy. It could be the case that he is attracted to you and that it makes him nervous around you. 1) Listen carefully and communicate with him. Adventures in Dating: Memoirs of a Single Mom, Adventures in Dating: Memoirs of Midlife Relationships, Infographic: Why Do People Swipe Right (or Left) on Tinder. When it comes to communication, men are usually better at looking than listening. If he is acting strangely, then he might be jealous of the extra attention that you have been giving this other guy. This was the first time hed seen it properly in the light of day. And that can lead to Silence of the Lambs-like feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. I dont think you trust me. Maybe he needs more privacy than usual. Maybe he has family or personal issues going on, or maybe there is a situation at work that is bothering him. If this issue is causing him to act distant towards you, then something needs to change. I saw how he kept tightening his belt all the way home. Its not easy to talk with someone about feelings. Why? I just want to come right out and ask him if everything is ok. Another alternative is to probably check with his friends (only the one whom you are close to and not everyone on your contact list), the mutual friends because sometimes guys might want to talk to their friends first. You might think that you need to fill the silence with something witty, but this can just make them think youre boring. Have his actions with you been inconsistent? Does he try to impress you? Does he check in with you constantly? He was starting to look like he was wearing clown pants. At that moment Laura emerged from the ensuite bathroom with a towel wrapped around her chest, and another around her hair. When he doesnt trust himself, he cant be sure of what he wants. Does he not want to do anything with you anymore? Or maybe he has been adamant that you do not see his spending history because he might be spending money on someone else. We sometimes include products we think are useful for our readers. Unless he is telling you what is going on, then he could be going through anything. Some people are great at the beginning, they're happy to be in the infatuation stage b/c there's no emotional risk (you barely know each other), and a few months in, things start to develop, expectations form, and it becomes too much so they start to close off. Make him open up to you by asking questions like What is bothering you? I meanI don't have to tell you how crotch space is very important all of the sudden. And this is the exact reason why he seems quiet around you. He might be too. If he is shy around you but not others then it would be more likely that he either finds you attractive or that he isnt comfortable with being himself around you because he doesnt know you well enough yet. If so, then it can possibly mean that he is conflicted about committing to the relationship, or it can mean that he does not want to commit but does not want to hurt your feelings either. That is the most obvious sign that the fire is gone in the relationship. Its been going really well so far. "But Laur." he started, trailing off all of the sudden. But you can help him overcome this shyness by giving him a little pusha little nudge if you will. He might not be able to express his feelings at first, but once he knows you understand him and are there for him, he will start opening up more and more. This is all good news for you! Or maybe he does not get along well with your family. Or just keep doing what Im doing and see what happens? He doesnt know what to say, but he still wants to be with you anyway. At the same time, he might be jealous of other people in your life like friends or family, especially if he feels like you are neglecting him to spend time with them. What his reason for acting distant is, it is important that you do not spend all of your time worrying too much about it. Substance abuse is a possible sign of depression too. If you want to learn more about body language, a book I would recommend would be The Definitive Book of Body Language (on Amazon). When this happens, its just a case of him being nervous and unsure of himself. Find out from him if this is the reason that he has been acting distant all of a sudden. Jon found himself back in his parents room trying to find the least feminine items in his mothers wardrobe. Lets be honest. He might be having problems within his family, for instance, the parents are feeling unwell and requires medical fees but the siblings are unwilling to help out (This is just an example which I have come across). Weve established that were totally on the same page about our feelings for each other. Let him know as soon as possible. We have deep conversations but can also laugh and joke around with each other. Everything in life is predictable and certainthats why it works! That is the sort of thing that makes the beginning stages of a relationship so passionate and fun. Do the two of you spend a great deal of time together? He might be nervous about saying something that might make you dislike him or he might be unsure of whether or not you are into him. Another possibility for his distance is that something in the relationship is troubling him. It is not uncommon for guys to put up a wall when they are going through something stressful. If he feels like hes not good enough for you, then make sure that he knows that he really is good enough for you. Be understanding while letting him know what you want out of your relationship. "Probably," Simon said. We all know the feeling of being attracted to someone: butterflies in your stomach, a slight tightening of the chest, and a dry mouth. That is unless he shows other body language signals that are out of the ordinary when he is around you. But that is totally okay! Is he more tired than usual, fatigued even? The most obvious sign that the fire is gone is that you are no longer passionate anymore.
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